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About Counseling


While professional counselors are trained to diagnose and treat mental disorders, they can also work with you to improve your overall wellbeing.  Whether you are struggling with life's adversities, a mental disorder, or just looking to live a better life, a counselor will approach your treatment with your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness in mind. They want to help you build the knowledge and skills you need to come up with real solutions and healthy coping strategies for the challenges and symptoms you are facing. Counselors are committed to helping you achieve wellness in every area of your life.  


Why Meet with a Professional Counselor

We all face ups and downs and sometimes we need some extra help in our corner. If there is an area of your life that you are struggling with, or where you feel you could use additional insight, or even just a partner for the journey then working with a counselor might be right for you. Working with a counselor helps you focus on your mental and emotional health, overcome challenges, meet your goals, and lay foundations for a brighter, healthier future.

Holding Hands

What is it Like to Meet with a Professional Counselor

A counselor's first goal is to get to know you and see your challenges from your perspective. By creating a safe, non-judmental environment, and actively listening, you and your counselor will explore what is troubling you, develop insight, identify concerns and get to the root of your challenges. Counselors prioritize your individuality and utilize evidence based practices to ensure top quality care.

Online counselling

Counseling Not the Right Fit?

Try one of Nebraska Integral Wellness's Video Courses instead.


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